Ray was born & raised in Little Rock, Arkansas.  After his military service in the USAF, Ray went home to attend & gradulate college at UA at Little Rock & began his career in broadcasting.  On that lucky day of May 16th, 1956, when Ray was called to interview the entertainer coming to town that night. Ray had no clue that the young man he would speak with that night, would become a world wide sensation & become known as the KING of Rock N' Roll !

Some 40 years later,  Ray discovered that master recording tucked away & perfectly preserved with some other personal keep sakes. 

Ray realized that this recording should be shared with the millions that loved Elvis.  So after 46 years, the 1956 concert is included in RCA's newest release, "Today, Tomorrow & Forever". 

Graceland confirms that Ray's recording is the first ever, entire recording of Elvis,  live in concert. 

The Associated Press commented that Ray's recording was considered the best contribution in the entire
4-CD boxed set collection. 

Ray is honored to have his Elvis shaped picture disc from the 'Windows of the Soul" collection included in the Rock N' Roll  Hall Of Fame  archives in Cleveland, Ohio as well as the Country Music Hall Of Fame in Nashville, Tennessee.  Ray was honored again when this work was included at Graceland, the Elvis Presley museum in Tupelo, Mississippi & the prestigious Smithsonian Institute at Washington, DC. This is the first ever approved shaped picture disc of Elvis. It containing the exclusive interview, concert extracts & Ray's blooper that 'The Associated Press" claims as 'priceless' !

"Elvis Presley just walking out on the stage, you can hear, uh, bits of applause from the       audience, he's fumbling around with the microphone right now, he's giving his cues to the    boys, he's winding up his legs & here he goes with ... Heartbreak Motel !" ...Ray Green

Ray is also the founder & president of the official  "I Met Elvis Fan Club",  fully registered with Graceland, existing of members nationwide who can provide evidence of having met the Elvis.

Ray's story behind the concert & exclusive interview with Elvis, has been released in numerous papers & mini mags locally, nationally & worldwide.  Publications include "The American Legion Magazine",  "Elvis Presley International Magazine" & a special five page spread in the prestigious publication called "Goldmine", The Collector's Record & Compact Disc Marketplace.

Ray has done numerous guest appearances on statewide & national radio & television programs from Hollywood to New York.  He has also appeared nationwide on the 600+ radio station network on the "Jim Bohanon Show".

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